Quests Required to Enter Area:
To access Sophanem, you will need to travel South of Al Kharid and Pollnivneach, East of Menaphos. This city can be accessed by the Magic Carpet Transportation, Teleportation via the Pharaoh's sceptre/Sceptre of the gods (Jalsavrah or Jaleustrophos teleport), or across the bridge once you have completed The Jack of Spades.

Once you reach the city, you will need to climb down the trapdoor located in the South East corner of the Temple of the Lesser Gods; found in the North East corner of the city.
Nearest Bank:
First level beneath Sophanem's Temple of the Lesser Gods. Accessed via the trapdoor in the South East corner of the building. You must have completed Contact! in order to use.
Nearest Landmark:
Temple of Icthlarin.
Nearest Other:
Rocodiles used for Hunting Plovers.
The Dungeon
Within the dungeon, you will not need to pick up your drops. Almost everything is automatically sent to the chests; these you can loot at the end of your trip or wait until your chest is full. When your chest is full, your loot will no longer automatically transport there and will begin to appear on the ground as per normal combat. If you choose to disable this feature,right click on a chest and toggle drop options, you will gain the possibility of having your loot doubled. Note this does not include the loot that would normally fall to the floor if your items were going to the chest, such as Key to the Crossing drops.

While in the dungeon, fighting the monsters, you will gain corruption. This causes the player to deal and take more damage during combat. For every percentage of corruption you gain, the amount of damage will increase by an equal amount; up to a total of 25%. The amount of corruption you gain varies depending on how high of a Slayer level the Monster requires for you to damage it. The lower ones will only add 1%, while the higher ones can add up to 5%.
It is possible to remove this corruption at one of the three altars within the dungeon.

When killing monsters within the dungeon, you will also receive Reputation. The higher Slayer level the monster requires, the higher the reputation points received. Points will also be doubled if you are on assignment here as opposed to just killing the monsters. Some of these monsters can be substituted when you have been given the normal creature as a task. For example, if you have been given the task for Dust devils, you can kill Corrupted dust devils to complete your task.

In order to kill any of the Monsters within the dungeon you will need 1 Feather of Ma'at per kill. You will also require at least level 88 Slayer to damage them. Below is the list of Monsters you will encounter within the dungeon, the slayer level required to damage them, and their combat level.
Name Image Slayer Level Required Monster Combat Level
Corrupted scorpion Corrupted scorpion 88 98
Corrupted scarab Corrupted scarab 91 101
Corrupted lizard Corrupted lizard 94 105
Corrupted dust devil Corrupted dust devil 97 107
Corrupted kalphite guardian Corrupted kalphite guardian 100 110
Corrupted kalphite marauder Corrupted kalphite marauder 100 110
Corrupted worker Corrupted worker 103 113
Salawa akh Salawa akh 105 106
Feline akh Feline akh 107 109
Scarab akh Scarab akh 109 122
Crocodile akh Crocodile akh 111 115
Gorilla akh Gorilla akh 113 111
Imperial mage akh Imperial mage akh 117 130
Imperial ranger akh Imperial ranger akh 117 130
Imperial warrior akh Imperial warrior akh 117 130

The Magister
Within this dungeon, we also find a Boss. The Magister cannot be killed in a group and, unlike other creatures within the dungeon, a Feather of ma'at is not needed per kill, but a Key to the Crossing is necessary to access him(activate the soul obelisk within the dungeon). Level 115 Slayer is required to damage him. It is possible to boost your level to fight The Magister, however, you must maintain this boost for the duration of the battle.

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