Level 36 to 43 of the Wilderness.
Nearest Bank:
William can typically be found wandering South East of the Island. Note that while free players can see him (and buy capes from him) they will not be able to access their bank with him.

Red Dragon Isle Map


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Near the Island, these people can be found:



Around the island, you can also find:


This is a dangerous location, be aware of Player Killers! It is highly suggested to not bring any equipment that you do not want to risk losing. You will not be able to teleport from this location!

This is not a popular training area, as it is in deep wilderness. However, there are safe spots which can be used. It is possible to attack the red dragons with ranged or magic from the other side of the lava and telegrab the drops, which is also an easy way to avoid PKers. An Anti-dragon shield or (Super) Antifire potion is a must if you wish to visit this deadly part of the wilderness.

Team capes 1, 11, 21, 31, and 41 can be purchased by speaking with William.

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