Home Teleport - Players can teleport to Port Sarim using the Home Teleport spell once they have discovered the required lodestone.

Port Sarim can be entered by land from Falador to the north/north-west, Draynor Village to the east, Rimmington to the west, or Thurgo's Peninsula to the south.

Players can also travel by ship from Karamja, Crandor, or Entrana, arriving at the dock.

Fairy ring (code A•I•Q) travels to Mudskipper Point, the southern extent of Thurgo's Peninsula, south of Port Sarim.

Quests Available in the Area:
Nearest Bank:
There is a useful bank deposit box at the Monks of Entrana on the docks.

Port Sarim





The jail is at the south-west point of the port. It is home to Wormbrain, a goblin who is involved in the Dragon Slayer quest as well as two notable NPCs and former random event characters, Cap'n Hand and Rick Turpentine.

Located between Port Sarim and Falador, the farm has chickens, cows, and a cabbage field.

The Rimmington mine can be found west of the port. Here there are 2 clay, 2 tin, 5 copper, 6 iron and 2 gold rocks which can be mined.

An altar can be found by walking south-west from the jail and by entering the church. A summoning obelisk is also located north of the church.


Grum's Gold Exchange
Brian's Battleaxe Bazaar
Gerrant's Fishy Business
Wydin's Food Store
The Rusty Anchor

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