Quests Required to Enter Area:


Players can travel to Lunar Isle using the Lodestone Network once they have activated the necessary lodestone.
Players can travel to Lunar Isle - specifically to the Astral Altar - with the wicked hood (available twice a day).
Players can travel to Lunar Isle with the spell Moonclan Teleport.
They can also travel with the spell Tele Group Moonclan.
Players can travel to Lunar Isle with the tablet Astral altar teleport. It is possible to acquire this item from The Great Orb Project.
Players can travel to Lunar Isle with a ring of wealth (4) to Miscellania and then to Rellekka. (Requires Throne of Miscellania quest to be completed).
Players can travel to Lunar Isle with a seal of passage, which has 1 free teleport charge per day

Walking Option:

A seal of passage is not required for this transportation method, however, you must have completed the The Fremennik Trials to board the ship.

Talk to Lokar on the westernmost dock of Rellekka, who will take the player to Pirates' Cove. Without a Seal of Passage, players can lie to Lokar and say they're only going to Pirates' Cove, then proceed to Lunar Isle, anyway.

Board the pirate ship, and talk to Captain Bentley to go on to Lunar Isle.

Fairy Rings:

Fairy ring C•I•P to Miscellania, walk south-east to the dock, and ride the southernmost boat to Rellekka.

Fairy ring A•J•R to the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon , walk north-west to Rellekka.

Nearest Bank:
A bank is in the centre of the town. After players have completed Dream Mentor, they can right-click 'Bird's-Eye' Jack in the bank and select "Using the bank" to use the bank without their Seal of passage. Bank on Lunar Isle is the closest one to the lodestone network.

Note: that the name of the Map can be both Moonclan Island or Lunar Island, these two names are both used by Jagex.

Moonclan/Lunar Island Map



Baba Yaga
Bouquet Mac Hyacinth
Cabin Boy
Captain Bentley
Melana Moonlander
Pauline Polaris
Rimae Sirsalis
Sirsal Banker
Dying Man (Silas) during Blood Runs Deep.

Island Features:

Astral Altar: At the altar, players can switch their spell book to Lunar Spells or switch back to the normal spellbook if they are currently using Lunar spells. Players can also switch from Ancient Magicks to Lunar; however, if they switch back they will return to the normal spellbook. Players can also make Astral runes here with the runecrafting skill and purchase Lunar equipment from the Oneiromancer if they lose theirs.

Baba Yaga's Magic Shop: Baba Yaga's Chicken-Leg House walks around in the fenced area north of the bank. She sells all runes (except Cosmic runes) and Battlestaves.

Brazier: Located in the largest most westerly building. Players can access the Dream World during the Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor quests through the brazier.

Hidden elite clue scroll: Players with Ava's alerter may find a crate containing an elite clue scroll on the portion of the island west of the Astral altar and south of the city. A spade is needed to dig it up. This is one of four possible locations where a hidden elite clue scroll can be found: the others are Meiyerditch, Isafdar, and the Iceberg. Players should note that they can obtain only one of these clue scrolls, and the place varies from player to player.

Flax: Flax fields are north-east and south-east of the main gates and just north of the town, outside the town walls.

Lunar Mine: The mine contains rune essence rocks in the centre, 6 gold in the west, 3 silver south, 3 gems south-east, and to the north-east 1 gold, 2 silver, and 1 gem rock, like the ones in Shilo Village.

Range: There's a cooker in the building to the left of the bank, just next to the sink, you can use to cook food, though there's not the "Cooking range" icon on the minimap and the world map.

Summoning obelisk: A small Summoning obelisk is just outside the gates of the town.

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