Quests Required to Enter Area:
South of Al Kharid and Pollnivneach, West of Sophanem. This city can be accessed by the Magic Carpet Transportation, Teleportation via the Pharaoh's sceptre/Sceptre of the gods (Jalkabir teleport), Fairy ring via code C-K-Q, or across the bridge from the West once you have completed 'Phite Club.
Quests Available in the Area:
Nearest Bank:
Merchant District at tier 2 City Reputation. Deposit boxes can be found in each district once you achieve tier 2 for that specific District; these will upgrade to bank chests at tier 6.
Menaphos City Map

People Locations

Main Plaza:

  1. Challenge Mistress Rashida
  2. Impling collector
  3. Coenus

Port District:

  1. Portmaster Kags
  2. Port district musician
  3. Oedipuss
  4. Charnak
  5. Strykewyrm Jim
  6. Adoratice Haruko, Hisamitsu, Hieromonk Genjiro, Sensei Hakase, and Aminishi gem trader/Gullible Tourist/Riddler crab/Tuai Leit gem trader
  7. Olivia (Menaphos) and Lokkir
  8. Captain Harkhebi
  9. 'Admiral' Wadud (Ports) and Bartender (Golden Scarab Inn)
  10. Pub musician
  11. Danlozep
  12. Henutemipet
  13. Rhotep
  14. Meena
  15. Bosun Higgs, Flippers McGraw (if he has joined your Arc crew), Lookout Ekahi, Navigator Jemi, and Quartermaster Gully
  16. Makhredrup and Raja

Imperial District:

  1. Imperial district musician and Tefimhet
  2. Sabrina and Jhonatan
  3. Banafrit
  4. Qat
  5. Amunemen
  6. Acenath, Ambassador Jabari, Anhur, Bes,Eshe, Menaphite royal guard, Osman, Pharaoh, Selma, and Sergeant Wadjmos
  7. Commander Akhomet
  8. Zahra
  9. Aristarchus and Kohnen the librarian
  10. Anukat

Worker District:

  1. Menaphite gardener
  2. Kharl
  3. Danwad
  4. Tefibi
  5. Batal and Worker district musician
  6. Sennefer
  7. Inhamat
  8. Shebit
  9. Khamud
  10. Malala

Merchant District:

  1. Menhet
  2. Grand Vizier Ehsan and Grand Vizier Hassan
  3. Assistant Librarian Subotai
  4. Urluk
  5. Lisah
  6. Gem trader (Menaphos)
  7. Qaseem
  8. Lamp trader and Pia
  9. Psamtik
  10. Rug merchant (Menaphos)
  11. Catsanova
  12. Khattak
  13. Imhapi
  14. Nefertari
  15. Azibo
  16. Fish trader, Wafa, and Merchant district musician
  17. Septhys


These people can be found within any district of Menaphos, or just outside the gates in the case of The Postcat.


There are also 2 Spawing locations that are usually locked. You will need to check back periodically to see if the door is unlocked as there is no set pattern to when it will be open.

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