Skill Levels Required to Enter Area:
Quests Required to Enter Area:
Items Needed to Enter Area:

The southern tunnel entrance in the north-eastern Meiyerditch in the third building from the top along the eastern wall.

The northern tunnel entrance is in Canifis, through the trapdoor that is east of the pub found there. The entrance is near the former Myreque Hideout, south through the basement wall and immediately east through the cave entrance to Ivandis' tomb. Go through the south cave entrance into the tunnels. It requires Agility level 65 to pass through the jutting wall shortcut.

Using the Fairy Ring code of dls positions a players under the Canifis tavern which is west of the northern tunnel entrance.

Quests Available in the Area:

Meiyerditch Dungeon

Monster Combat Level
Bloodveld 68
Mutated bloodvelds 91, 95
Skeletal hand 70
Zombie hand 75
Rat 2

To access this Dungeon: (You can also use the wicked hood and teleport to the Blood altar)

Canifis Dungeon entrance

Meiyerditch Dungeon entrance



The only monster currently aggressive here is the Mutated Bloodveld. A Skeletal Hand may appear from the ground at anytime. These monsters are stronger versions of the Slayer monsters. They require the same Slayer level to kill as their weaker versions. If you are given their weaker version for a Slayer task, these monsters can be killed instead for more Slayer experience, or if you just want a challenge.

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