Quests Available in the Area:

Lumbridge City map

Table of Contents


  1. Beefy Bill
  2. Vasquen and Tool leprechaun
  3. Millie Miller
  4. Sheep 'Thing'
  5. Fred the Farmer
  6. Seth Groats
  7. Copernicus Glyph
  8. Gillie Groats
  9. H.A.M. Deacon, H.A.M. Member (Man), H.A.M. Member (Woman), Jimmy the Chisel, and Johanus Ulsbrecht
  10. Darren Lightfinger, Chief Thief Robin, Coshing volunteer, Advanced pickpocketing trainer, Pickpocketing trainer, Pickpocketing volunteer, Safe-cracking trainer, Locks and traps trainer, Dodgy Derek, Mr Pinsworth, Zamorakian herbalist (female), Zamorakian herbalist (male), and Zamorakian herbalist's son
  11. Harlan
  12. Lady Deathknell, Barr Rows, Minnie Gamer, Polly Paw, Will Dee
  13. Hank
  14. Barfy Bill, Fayeth, Herald of Lumbridge, Donie, Lachtopher, and Tool leprechaun
  15. Explorer Jack, Saradominist Priest, Saradominist priest's daughter, and Saradominist priestess
  16. Doomsayer, Lumbridge Sage, Roddeck, and Lumbridge guardsman
  17. Elite Lumbridge guardsman
  18. Banker, Cook, Cook's brother, Duke Horacio, Guardsman Brawn, Guardsman Dante, Guardsman DeShawn, Guardsman Pazel, Guardsman Peale, and Sigmund
  19. Hans and Nastroth
  20. Victoria
  21. Bob
  22. Father Aereck
  23. Xenia/Wizard Ilona and Restless ghost

Table of Contents


  1. Empty pot
  2. Shears
  3. Shears, 7 Egg, Sheep engram
  4. 6 Egg, Bucket, Super large egg
  5. Bucket
  6. Iron dagger
  7. Various floors:
  8. Bronze pickaxe
  9. Knife


H.A.M. Guards level 20, level 30, and level 32 can be found within the H.A.M. Hideout (Person spot #9).


The Thieves' Guild can be found in the dungeon North of the building at Person spot #10.

Information on the Mining site (North West, near Draynor) can be found on the Draynor Village Mine map.

Various Achievements can be completed around Lumbridge. See our Achievements guide for what they are and how to complete them.

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