Quests Required to Enter Area:
The guild is only accessible to members who have completed the Heroes' Quest .
Players may teleport to their player-owned house in Taverley using the Teleport to House spell. It will only work if the player's house is located in Taverley or if the player uses a chipped house teleport.

Using the Home Teleport spell to teleport to Burthorpe and running south-east, or to Taverley and running North.

A Games necklace can teleport players to the Burthorpe Troll Invasion area. Each necklace has eight charges.

A Combat bracelet can teleport players to the Warriors' Guild in western Burthorpe.

The Balloon transport system can be used to fly to Taverley. Using the balloons requires at least partial completion of the Enlightened Journey quest.

From Falador (where banks are conveniently available), simply go north and west to Taverley through direct walking, and you can easily reach the Heroes' Guild thus. Though perhaps slower than other methods, this one is nonetheless an effective and usable one, with the player free to reach Falador through Teleport to Falador , or by the Explorer's ring 3.

Players can reach Taverley/White Wolf Mountain through the Mine Cart from the Grand Exchange, if you ever visited Keldagrim (started The Giant Dwarf) and finished the Fishing Contest quest. You can reach the Grand Exchange quickly with a Varrock Teleport, an Amulet of glory or a Ring of wealth, or with the fairy ring code DKR.
Nearest Bank:
There is a bank in this area.

Heroes Guild Map


Ground Floor:

The ground floor has statues of a hero and a heroine (Arrav and Camorra).

First Floor:

The first floor has an altar dedicated to Saradomin, where players can recharge their Prayer points.

Helemos owns the Happy Heroes' H' Emporium on this floor. He sells the Dragon battleaxe for 200,000 coins and the Dragon mace for 50,000 coins.

Note: The Dragon battleaxe is available for 172,077 coins on the Grand Exchange; the Dragon mace is available for 23,964 coins. Since both are cheaper on the Grand Exchange, it is suggested to buy the dragon battleaxe and mace there instead.

Second Floor:

The second floor of the Heroes' Guild has a table with six chairs around it, which three of the Signature Heroes sit at and two stand around, and a pair of chests which may be searched. These do not yield items anymore; however, they used to give trivial items such as pots and broken glass. The only signature hero not present is The Raptor.


The basement is a small dungeon. It has three giant bats, as well as a caged blue dragon that is good for training because of the safe spots for Magic, Ranged, and use of a halberd, although the existence of only one spawn means kills are not as quick as other areas.

Heros Guild Mine:

The Heroes' Guild Mine is in the basement as well, with several rocks for higher-level Mining.

11 Coal rocks (near the fountain and north of runite rocks)
2 Mithril rocks (upper most mine from map)
2 Adamant rocks (upper most mine from map)
2 Runite rocks (right hand bottom corner from map)

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