Skill Levels Required to Enter Area:
60 Summoning for Summoning portal in Bottom Level.

This cave is part of the Song from the Depths quest. This lair is the pathway to the Queen Black Dragon's chamber. The Summoning portal at the end of the cave requires level 60 Summoning to enter. Beware there is no way out other than victory, teleportation or death once you have entered the Queen Black Dragon's lair. Players can teleport outside of the cave in the White Knight Camp once per day with Remora's necklace, but the Port Sarim lodestone is just a few steps away.

The lair has three levels, containing creatures of levels 28, 63 and 98 respectively. They are assigned by Slayer masters. Many special drops can be found here; Bolts for the Coral crossbow, and Royal dragonhide. The Queen Black Dragon also resides here.

Quests Available in the Area:
Nearest Bank:
To the North is a Bank chest in the Clan camp.

Grotworm Lair Dungeon Map

Level Monster
First Young grotworm (28)
Second Grotworm (63)
Bottom Mature grotworm (98)


Grotworm Lair Dungeon Map

Queen Black Dragon:

For players that are wishing to slay the Queen Black Dragon there is a Agility shortcut slide that will take you down to the bottom level of this lair. This shortcut does require a Agility level of 50. If a player wishes to simply swim through the acid in the entrance a 50 Constitution level is required.

The use of "Cannons" is not allowed in this area. If a player tries to set one up a message will be displayed saying "The air here is too damp for the cannon to be set."

If you die inside the Grotworm Lair, your gravestone will appear outside.

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