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Entrances found south-west of the Wilderness Volcano in level 23 Wilderness and east of the Forgotten Cemetery in level 42 Wilderness.
Quests Available in the Area:
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Forinthry Dungeon Map


Dungeon Monster:


Revenants are very dangerous creatures, though they have a low combat level they should not be taken likely. These attack in all forms of combat, and will change depending on your weaknesses. Revenants are also able to heals themselves, making them difficult to obtain their valuable drops.


Ankous are located in the north-western section of this dungeon. Earth spells work very well against Ankous. Safespots for rangers and halberdiers can be found at the eastern rift, where ankous are easily trapped. They frequently drop high amounts of blood and death runes, as well as level 3 clue scrolls. There are 8 spawns of Ankous there, and it is not recommended to kill them there as PKers can arrive and loot your Blood and Death runes for their Ancient Magicks.

Green Dragons:

Green dragons can be found in the south-east of this dungeon. The dragons can be safespotted from behind the rift in the northern part as well as from the four paths leading to them.There are 5 spawns of dragons there, and Protect from Magic is needed if there is no one killing them as you will be attacked by 3 dragons.

Lesser Demons:

Lesser demons can be found in the western/middle section, east of the ankous and west of the hellhounds. It is advised to bring an Accursed urn (or Infernal urn) to collect the ashes for extra Prayer experience. There is also a rift in the middle to trap the demons. They can be accessed by turning left at the Hellhounds, or if coming from the level 31 area, go southeast and a path will split up. Take the bottom one to go to the Lesser demons.

Greater Demons:

Greater demons can be found in the south-western sector. They can be safely ranged when standing in one of the paths leading to them. If choosing the eastern one, make sure not to go too far and get in the attacking range of a green dragon. There are 9 spawns of Greater demons, and be aware that PKers might come every so and then, but the chances of that are very rare, even on member's worlds.


Hellhounds can be found in the centre of this dungeon. They can drop level 3 clue scrolls, but no other items.

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