Entrances found South-West of the Wilderness Volcano in level 17 Wilderness and East of the Forgotten Cemetery in level 31 Wilderness.
Nearest Bank:
Nearest Other:

Forinthry Dungeon Map


Most teleports work level 20 Wilderness and below the teal line is the approximate location of level 20. A few teleports work level 30 and below the purple line is the approximate location of level 30.

Dungeon Monsters:


The below numerical list correlates with the numbered white circles on the map above. Revenants have a fairly large locations in which they can wander especially when aggressive towards a player.

  1. Level 14 Revenant imp
  2. level 22 Revenant goblin
  3. Level 19 Revenant goblin
  4. Level 60 Revenant cyclops
  5. Level 112 Revenant dark beast
  6. Level 40 Revenant pyrefiend
  7. Level 98 Revenant ork
  8. Level 84 Revenant demon
  9. Level 37 Revenant icefiend
  10. Level 28 Revenant goblin
  11. Level 119 Revenant knight
  12. Level 14 Revenant imp
  13. Level 16 Revenant goblin
  14. Level 53 Revenant werewolf
  15. Level 44 Revenant hobgoblin
  16. Level 70 Revenant hellhound
  17. Level 47 Revenant vampyre
  18. Level 126 Revenant dragon (Members only)

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