Quests Available in the Area:
Big chompy bird hunting, As a first resort, and Zogre flesh eaters (which can be started by talking to Grish, West of Gu'Tanoth (not shown on the map below)).
Nearest Bank:
The bank in Oo'glog (after As a first resort). Otherwise the bank in Yanille or Castle Wars is closest, they have no additional requirements.
Nearest Landmark:
South East of Castle Wars; South of Yanille.
Feldip Hills Hunter Area Map
Hunting expert Hunting expert
Sells Hunter cape & supplies
Crimson swift Crimson swift
Level 1 Hunter, Bird snare
Feldip weasel Feldip weasel
Level 7 Hunter, Noose wand
Tropical wagtail Tropical wagtail
Level 19 Hunter, Bird snare
Barb-tailed kebbit Barb-tailed kebbit
Level 33 Hunter, Deadfall trap
Wimpy bird Wimpy bird
Level 39 Hunter, Bird snare
Spined larupia Spined Larupia
Level 40 Hunter, Pitfall trap
Diseased kebbit Diseased kebbit
Level 44 Hunter, Deadfall trap
Black warlock Black warlock
Level 45 Hunter, Butterfly net
Platypus (Summoning pet) Platypus (Summoning pet)
Level 48 Hunter, Box trap,
after "As a First Resort..."
Carnivorous chinchompa Carnivorous chinchompa
Level 63 Hunter, Box trap
Quest starting points
Big chompy bird hunting Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Speak to Rantz
As a first resort As a First Resort...
Speak to Chief Tess
Giant spider Giant spider
2 & 33
Black bear Black Bear
Level 23
Wolf Wolf
Level 42
Ogre Ogre
Level 67
Ogre chieftain Ogre chieftain
Level 81
Ogress Ogress
Level 58
Ogress warrior Ogress warrior
Level 63
Ogress champion Ogress champion
Level 67
Spirit tree Spirit tree
Charter ship Charter ship
Ogre boat ride Ogre boat ride
Gnome glider Gnome glider
Eagle's eyrie Eagle's eyrie
after "Eagles' Peak"
(and growing the vines,
with a Teasing stick)
Fairy ring (A K S) Fairy ring (A K S)
after starting "Fairy Tale Part II"
Cave entrance Cave entrance
Teleports to east of Gu'Tanoth
Oo'glog lodestone Oo'glog lodestone
Ring of duelling (South Feldip Hills) Ring of duelling
To South feldip hills
Vibrant Wisps Vibrant wisps
Level 60 Divination
Achey and Eucaplyptus trees Achey and Eucaplyptus trees
Level 1 Woodcutting
Shortcut Shortcut
Level 29 Agility
Feldip swamp rocks Feldip swamp rocks
Level 1 Mining, produces "Rock"
Red sandstone rock Red sandstone rock
Level 81 Mining
Robust glass machine Robust glass machine
Fishing spots Fishing spots
Net/Bait; Net/Harpoon; Cage/Harpoon
Death rune spawn Death rune spawn

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