Farming Patches Maps

Full Allotment Farming Patches
Ardougne Catherby Falador Port Phasmatys
Ardougne Full plot Catherby Full Plot Falador Full Plot Port Phasmatys Full Plot
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Bush Farming Patches
Ardougne Etceteria Rimmington Varrock Prifddinas
Ardougne Bush Plot Etceteria Bush Plot Rimmington Bush Plot Varrock Bush Plot Prifddinas Bush Plot
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Hops Farming Patches
Entrana Lumbridge Seers Villiage Yanille
Entrana Hops plot Lumbridge Hops Plot Seers Village Hops Plot Yanille Hops Plot
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Tree Farming Patches
Falador Lumbridge Taverly Gnome Stronghold Varrock
Falador Tree Plot Lumbridge Tree Plot Taverley Tree Plot Tree Gnome Stronghold Tree Plot Varrock Tree Plot
Prifddinas Tree Plot
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Fruit Tree Farming Patches
Brimhaven Kharazi Jungle Catherby Lletya Gnome Stronghold
Brimhaven Fruit Tree Plot Kharazi Jungle Fruit Tree Plot Catherby Fruit Tree Plot Lletya Fruit Tree Plot Tree Gnome Stronghold Fruit Tree Plot
Gnome Village Prifddinas
Gnome Villiage Fruit Tree Plot Prifddinas Fruit Tree Plot
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Spirit Tree Farming Patches
Brimhaven Etceteria Port Sarim
Brimhaven Spirit Ttree plot Etceteria Spirit Tree Plot Port Sarim Spirit Tree Plot
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Special Farming Patches
Al Kharid Canafis Draynor Manor Tai Bwo Wannai Prifddinas
Al Kharid Special Cactus Plot Canafis Special Mushroom Plot Dranor Manor Special Belladonna Plot Tai Bwo Wannai Special Calquat Plot Prifddinas Herb Plot
Cactus Mushroom Belladonna/Evil Turnip Calquat Herb
Prifddinas Prifddinas
Prifddinas Elder Plot Prifddinas Crystal Plot
Elder Crystal
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Quest Farming Patches
Ardougne Harmony Island Troll Stronghold Wilderness
Ardougne Quest Jade Vine Plot Harmony Island Quest Allotment Plot Troll Stronghold Quest Herb Plot Wilderness Quest Limpwurt Plot
Jade Vine Allotment Herb Limpwurt
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