Aubury - Found in Varrock south of the east bank. This is the most useful way due to its distance to the bank inside the free-to-play worlds.

Sedridor - Located on the 2nd floor of the Wizards' Tower. A level 50+ Runecrafting is highly recommended, because of the long walk to banks.

Carwen Essencebinder - Located in Burthorpe, south of Xuan's store. This is the closest location to a lodestone.


Wizard Cromperty - Located in Ardougne (East), north-east of the marketplace. This location has a fairly-medium distance from a bank

Wizard Distentor - Located in the Wizards' Guild in Yanille. This location is preferred by many players due to its short distance from a bank, although level 66 or higher Magic is required to enter the guild.

Brimstail - Located in a cave in the south western corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Lunar Isle - This mine is a completely separate location from the magical ice mountain fields and is found inside the Lunar Isle mine. This location is not recommended due to its distance from the bank and because of the Suqahs on the way to the mine. Part of the Lunar Diplomacy quest must also be completed to use the bank on Lunar Isle. After completing Lunar Diplomacy player can use Home Teleport to the Lunar Isle lodestone or switch to Lunar Spells and use Moonclan Teleport, if they have 69 Magic, for price of 3 spots (2 Astral, 1 Law and 2 Earth runes)


Essence Mine


Mining Ores:

The mine houses 4 large essence spots. There is also a teleport located around each of the rocks that will teleport the player out of the mine.

This area contains 2 type of essences: Rune Essence and Pure Essence.

4 Rune/Pure Essence.

Notable Features:

You cannot use Alchemy in the mine.

Entering the mine from a member's' entrance, switching to a Free world and trying to leave gives you a warning about not being able to go here on a Free server.

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