Skill Levels Required to Enter Area:
Quests Required to Enter Area:
Items Needed to Enter Area:
A Dramen or Lunar staff (not required if you have completed Fairy Tale Part III).
The Enchanted Valley can only be accessed via the Fairy Ring code B K Q. When the player appears in the valley, he/she will be standing behind a waterfall. The waterfall has a steep incline which can be walked down into the valley.
Quests Available in the Area:
Nearest Bank:

Enchanted Valley Map


Note: Attempting to cut a tree in the valley will summon a Tree Spirit lvl 18, attempting to mine the rocks will summon a Rock Golem, and attempting to fish in the river will summon a River Troll. These were once Random Events, but were discontinued in 2009 and relocated to the valley along with the Frog Price and Princess. The rocks contain an unknown substance, as prospecting them or mining them will yield no message in the text box and a rock golem attack. Fighting rock golems or river trolls yields no experience. The rock golem attacks with very high accuracy, almost never missing. It alternates between melee and Ranged attacks whenever protection prayers activate, making it a worthy opponent.

The music track "On the Wing" can be unlocked in this area.

A unique red and yellow butterfly orbits around the woods, with the examine info: "These look much better in the wild."

You cannot lure the fishing spot without having a fly fishing rod in your inventory, i.e. your toolbelt doesn't work.

The many creatures located here resemble those from The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, The Witch, And the Wardrobe and The Last Battle.

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