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The workshop is located to the west of the bank in Seers' Village and Camelot. It is white-walled with several anvils and an odd-looking wall. The ground floor contains nothing but that at first. However, if one has a battered key, the odd wall can be unlocked and walked through to enter the workshop. After the The Elemental Workshop II quest is completed the key is no longer needed.
Quests Available in the Area:
Nearest Bank:

Elemental Workshop Map


First Floor:

In the lobby there are 2 anvils, that can be used to smith elemental, mind or body bars. There is also a ladder to the ground floor as well as a hatch to the second floor.

In the western area are "elemental rocks". Mining theres will change the rock into an earth elemental. After this creature is killed it will drop "elemental ore". The other elemental that are found here will not drop ore.

In the northern area can be found "water elementals" Note that this area is a part of The Elemental Workshop I.

The eastern area conains "air elementals" as well as a giant bellow.

In the southern room can be found "fire elementals" and a blast furnace. These must be fired up when doing the The Elemental Workshop I quest.

Second Floor:

entrance is gained after completing The Elemental Workshop II. There are four pieces of equipment on this floor (crane, press, tank, and wind tunnel) must be repaired. This level is used to make primed bars. To do so, one must put an elemental bar in the cart. Using the crane, the elemental bar is superheated with lava. The next step is the press, which flattens the bar. Next is the water room, where the bar is put inside, flooded, cooled and then emptied to be taken back to the cart. The final step is to air out and finish off the bar with the air room. After doing so, the new bar can be taken from the cart. These bars are used to eventually develop elemental mind, elemental body, and further types of elemental equipment. There is also a stairwell to the upper level and the lower floors.

Third Floor:

Accessed during and after the The Elemental Workshop II, and The Elemental Workshop III, this hallway contains two doors: one with a mind symbol on it, and the other with a body symbol.

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