Skill Levels Required to Enter Area:
58 Agility (to use the shortcut).
Quests Required to Enter Area:
Ghosts Ahoy recommended.
Items Needed to Enter Area:
North of Port Phasmatys. The dungeon is entered through the metal trapdoor on the ground floor. The only object of interest in the dungeon is the ectopool at the centre, where players can fill buckets with slime.
Quests Available in the Area:

Ectopool Dungeon Map


The dungeon consists of four levels. Though the are looks compact it is in fact quite large, the player must walk all the way to the other side to get to the stairs.

Level 58 Agility eliminates a great deal of time that it would normally take to reach the ectopool. The shortcut is able to be used in both directions. From the ectopool, however, players with the Ectophial in their inventory can use it to return to the ground floor even faster.

How to worship the Ectofuntus:

Players MUST have a Ghostspeak Amulet to be able to receive Ecto-tokens. It is recommended that players wear lightweight gear, such as Graceful clothing and/or Boots of Lightness. A Amulet of Glory or a Ring of Dueling is a good idea in order to to use a bank since there are none near.

The recommended items needed are 9 lightweight gear, such as Graceful clothing and/or Boots of Lightness.

Collecting Slime:

With the empty buckets in hand enter the trapdoor that is west of the Ectofuntus>Proceed down the stairs. The Agility shortcut found here will make your trip shorter. Players will need a level of 58 in order to use it. Players who have completed Ghosts Ahoy may also want to bring their Ectophial when collecting the slime as it saves an enormous amount of time by allowing the player to simply teleport back to the ground floor of the Ectofuntus Tower once they are finished collecting the slime. At the bottom of the stairs is a pool of slime - use empty buckets with it to obtain buckets of slime.

Bone Grinding:

Take one empty pot for each collected bone upstairs near the Ectofuntus. Use a bone on the loader and wind the bone grinder and finally empty the bin to collect the contents into the pots.

Worship the Ectofuntus:

With buckets of slime and pots of bonemeal in your inventory that you have obtained simply click on the ectofuntus in order to worship it. Doing so grants Prayer experience at 4 times the amount of buring bones. Make sure that you talk to the diciples to recieve some Ectotokens.

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