South of Seers' Village, North of Port Khazard, and East of West Ardougne.
Quests Available in the Area:
East Ardougne Map

Table of Contents


  1. Orlando Smith
  2. Legends guard, Ariane, Fionella, Linza, Ozan, Radimus Erkle, Siegfried Erkle, Sir Owen, The Raptor, and Xenia
  3. Dwarven Miner
  4. Wizard Cromperty
  5. Registrar and Guard (Registry)
  6. Captain Barnaby
  7. Cookie, Geoff, Marion, Sparky
  8. RPDT Employee
  9. Zenesha
  10. Baker, Fur trader, Gem merchant, Silk merchant, Silver merchant, Spice seller, Town crier
  11. Butler, Chief Servant, Cook, Demon Butler, Maid, Rick, Royal guard
  12. Kragen, Tool Leprechaun
  13. Milton the Miller, Richard
  14. Granny Potterington, Sam the sheepdog, buyers: Myfi (rabbit buyer), Henrietta (chicken chaser), Mieliki Tapio (chinchompa collector), Ralph (sheep hugger), Rumbleguts (spider shopper), Zoe (zygomite trader), Milkshake (cow fancier), Prezleek (yak buyer), Raptor (dragon expert)
  15. Horacio
  16. Estate agent
  17. Charlie, Chuck, Larry
  18. Monkey minder, Parroty Pete, Penguin keeper, Zoo keeper
  19. Aemad, Kortan
  20. Councillor Halgrive, Doctor Orbon, Leo
  21. Jerico
  22. Farmer Brumty
  23. Elena
  24. Alrena and Edmond
  25. Bartender, Lucien, Local thug, Mourner
  26. Bones, Jimmy Dazzler
  27. Ambassador Gimblewap, King Lathas
  28. Butler Jones, Ceril Carnillean, Guard, Henryeta Carnillean, Philipe Carnillean
  29. Omart


  1. Hammer and Chisel
  2. Iron mace
  3. Garlic
  4. Guide book
  5. 3 pigeon cages
  6. Cattleprod
  7. Picture, Spade, and Bucket
  8. Purple dye


Zoo animals:


On the top floor of the windmill is a Treasure Trail hiedy hole.

There are several safecracking locations located throughout the city. See our Safecracking guide for these locations.

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