1. Main Entrance: Foothills of the Ice Mountain which is North of Falador. Players can use the Combat bracelet to teleport to the Monastery.
  2. Falador Entrance: In a building which is North-East of Falador. Locate the stairs within that lead south.
  3. Southern Gate: Entrance to the Mining Guild, level 60 Mining required.
  4. Mine Cart: Players can use the Mine cart Transportation Network, to enter the mine in the North-West section, only if the Fishing Contest has been completed.
  5. After completing the Perils of Ice Mountain quest, a trapdoor route becomes available within the Power Station next to Ice Mountain. It leads to Nurmof's room.
Nearest Bank:
Nearest full bank is Falador. There is a bank deposit box located inside the Resource dungeon in the Southern most part of the mine. There are two close metal banks, the first is the Forge/Anvil in the center of the mine the second is at the Artisan's Workshop.
Nearest Other:
The Mining Guild is located through a gate at the Southern exit to the mine. For more information see the Mining Guild guide.

Dwarven Mines Map

Available Rocks:

3 Copper rocks
5 Tin rocks
6 Iron rocks
6 Coal rocks
3 Luminite rocks

Available Rocks (Resource dungeon):

4 Mithril rocks
7 Gold rocks
4 Phasmatite rocks


Nurmof runs Nurmof's Pickaxe Shop.
Drogo dwarf runs Drogo's Mining Emporium.
Hura runs Hura's Crossbow Shop.
A Dwarf runs the general store by the mining carts.
Boot helps with Family Crest.
Hammerspike stoutbeard helps with One Small Favour.


Dwarf Gang Member
King Scorpion

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