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The sewers can be accessed from the trapdoor on the northwest side of Draynor Village or the trapdoor next to the jail east of Draynor Village.
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Draynor Sewers Map



This particular dungeon has a simple layout. Directly from te village entrance, it travels east with a small room connected, then it turns south and continues until it reaches the second entrance. Throughout the entire complex are sewer pipes along the walls.

Ruantun can be found in the room to the north, except it is unpopulated on F2P worlds. It has a derelict, fallen-down house in the centre. The house contains a straw bed, a chair, and a burning fire.

The music track "Down Below" can be unlocked in this dungeon.


This area is a major spot in the Desert Treasure quest.

There is a anvil for Smithing, however it is rarely used due to the distance from it to the nearest bank.

3 of the Draynor tasks are located here: Fighting a zombie for easy, smithing a steel longsword for medium, smithing a mithril platebody for the hard task.

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