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Items Needed to Enter Area:
The Desert Mining Camp is located south of the Shanty Pass and east of the Bedabin Camp.
Nearest Bank:
Al Kharid's Shanty Pass
Nearest Landmark:
Nearest Other:

Desert Mining Camp Map

  1. To enter the Desert Mining Camp you need the Metal key. If you don't have one, attack and kill the Mercenary captain standing outside the gate.

  2. Enter the doors in the north-east corner of the Desert Mining Camp to access the underground mine.

  3. To continue through to the next area, you need to be wearing a Slave shirt and Slave robe. If you don't have any of these, you can kill a nearby Rowdy slave for them.

  4. "Search" the Mining Cart to get to the next area. It may take a few attempts and you will take damage if unsuccessful.

  5. To access the Adamantite and Necrite you need the Wrought iron key. If you don't have it, If lost, it can be retrieved by searching Captain Siad's table back at the camp.

2 Iron rocks
3 Coal rocks
4 Copper rocks
4 Tin rocks
4 Mithril rocks
8 Adamantite rocks
3 Necrite rocks

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