There are three different ways to get there: by taking a carpet ride from the Shantay Pass to the Bedabin Camp and then running directly south, by using a Bandit camp teleport, or by activating the Lodestone located at the camp, and then home teleporting there. The easiest way to get there is to home teleport (unlocked by completing Desert Treasure); the fastest way is to use a teleport scroll.

Desert Bandit Camp Map



The Bandit Camp is home to a bar, The Big Heist Lodge. This is the only known source of Bandit's brew, an ale that will temporarily boost a player's Thieving level by 1. However, it costs 650 coins, and hence it might be more expeditious to use Sq'irk juice instead.

The town is also home to a simple general store which is used to "bank" for Bandit killers (sell noted food and buy back food unnoted). The shopkeeper there is simply called Bandit shopkeeper.

There are two main areas used in town which feature in the Desert Treasure quest: mirrors, used to discern the whereabouts of the Diamonds of Azzanadra, and a chest in a large tent in the south area of town, containing Rasolo's gilded cross.

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