North of the Fishing Guild, West of McGrubor's Wood.

The easiest option to reach the area is to teleport to the Seers' Village lodestone and then run west past the McGrubor's Wood until you reach a log balance, which requires 20 Agility to cross. Players who do not have this level will have to take the long route south past the Fishing Guild.

Coal Trucks Map
Nearest Bank:
Instead of mining and depositing in the bank, you put all the coal you mine into a coal truck, that holds up to 224 coal. When you have filled up a truck, it will automatically be moved along the track to the mining depot, northwest of the Seers' Village bank. Coal will never disappear from the truck ad can be withdrawn at any moment. To check how much coal is in the truck, just right click it and select the investigate option. Before returning to the village, it is advised to fill up your inventory with another load of coal to maximize your yield. With your full inventory, teleport back to the village using the lodestone and remove the coal from the truck in the depot into your inventory. It will take a couple of runs from and to the bank to empty out a truck completely.

Coal Trucks Mine Map

13 Coal Rocks
Carts can hold up to 224 coal.
With the completion of the Seers' Village achievement diaries, the carts can hold more ore. Seer's headbands will increase the amount of coal the trucks hold:
  • 252 coal for Seer's headband 1
  • 280 coal for Seer's headband 2
  • 308 coal for Seer's headband 3
  • Seer's headband 4 will not increase the carried load, but will automatically bank the first 200 pieces of coal you deposit in the trucks.

Stankers is located by the coal truck in the mine.


Giant bat

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