Skill Levels Required to Enter Area:
Quests Required to Enter Area:
Priest in Peril
Nature Spirit
Ritual of the Mahjarrat (To access the seventh brother, Akrisae the Doomed)
Items Needed to Enter Area:
The Barrows is a fairly large area located in south-eastern part of Morytania, just east of the city of Mort'ton.

(For those who do not know where Mort'ton is, it is a city south of Canifis, past the Mort Myre swamp.)
Quests Available in the Area:
Nearest Bank:
Nearest Landmark:
Nearest Other:

Barrows Map

The exit will be placed randomly. Different doors will be available to different players randomly. Failing to solve a puzzle correctly on puzzle doors will result in all doors re-randomizing. Claiming the chest will result in everything re-randomizing upon re-entry and the roof will begin to collapse causing insignificant damage until you leave.

  • Any creature can spawn when you open a door including a 'pinky', except the giant spiders and giant rats.
  • Some rooms always contain a certain creature, they are marked on the map above.
  • One of he mounds will not not contain a 'pinky', but instead take you to the caves, where he can presumably be found.
  • Unless you're actually outside, you will lose prayer points very quickly.
  • Opening doors causes monsters to spawn.

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