Quests Required to Enter Area:
South-west of Keldagrim.
Nearest Bank:
In order to bank players will need to speak to the Dwarven Boatman. He is found east of the mine entrance. The Boatman will bank a player's gold ore for a fee. He charges 20% of the Gold ores.

Players wearing "Ring of Charos" will be allowed only a 10% charge for the Gold ores.
Nearest Landmark:

Arzinian Gold Mine Map


Ores Found:

84 - Gold rocks
62 - Gold veins

Helpful Tips:

Use weight saving items such as: Spotted cape, Spottier cape, Penance gloves, Agile top/bottom, and/or Boots of lightness to save energy when running to the Boatman.

Varrock Armour 2 - Finishing the Varrock Tasks grants this item allowing players a 10% chance of Mining 2 Gold ores per rock, as well as double XP.

Fairy ring - Using the code d-k-s will transport a players close to the Rellekka entrance to the mine.

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