To enter the Abyss which is located north of Edgeville, you must complete the Abyss miniquest. After this has been accomplished use the "Teleport" option on the Mage of Zamorak who is also located north of Edgeville in the Wilderness at level 4-6. Be warned that other players can attack you on your way to this location.

The Abyss Map

The Outer Ring: This is a dangerous combat area. The outer ring is comprised of a vast number of monsters.

Abyssal guardian (Combat level 79)
Abyssal walker (Combat level 77)
Abyssal leech (Combat level 72)

Be warned that these monsters mentioned are capable of hits over 275. They often miss but they make up for this with their strong attacks.

Within the outer ring are many options for entering the inner ring.

Chopping away tendrils using a hatchet
Mining through rock using a pickaxe
Distracting eyes (thieving skill needed)
Squeezing through gaps (agility skill needed,)
Burning away boils using a tinderbox

The Inner Ring: A much safer location containing rifts to all the Runecrafting altars. However there are restrictions that apply to each of the rifts.

The Cosmic rift cannot be accessed until the Lost City quest has been completed.
No weapons or armour can be taken through to the rift to the Law altar, as it is located on Entrana. This includes pickaxes, hatchets, Explorer's ring, and any familiars or scrolls!
The Death altar requires the quest Mourning's Ends Part II to be completed.
The Blood altar requires the quest Legacy of Seergaze to be completed.

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