Retain After Quest?
Completion of Recipe For Disaster (Evil Dave Subquest) to obtain/use.
Where Found:
Monster Drop; Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Used with Stew to create Spicy stew.
This item can be created by combining lower dose (1, 2) or by using higher dose (4) batches of spice.

When the created Spicy stew is consumed, it can temporarily raise or lower Prayer, Agility, Slayer, Thieving and Hunter levels.

The amount of increase/decrease of your stats are dependent on how much spice is used in the Stew. If you use 2 doses in the Stew, the max increase/decrease would be 4 as 1 dose is equal to plus or minus 2 levels maximum. Note that you can only obtain up to 6 levels of change.
0 kg
Examine Information:
These spices have a chance to boost your Prayer, Agility, Slayer, Thieving and Hunter when added to a stew.
Dropped By:

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