Retain After Quest?
Must have started Nomad's Elegy.
Where Found:
Two locations, see notes.
Item Uses:
Combined with the other lost memory half to create Xenia's full memory.
The first of Xenia's memory halves is found in Duke Horatio's bedroom on the second floor. You must try to open the chest then defeat Xenia's guilt. Once it has been killed it will drop a guilt ridden key. This must be in your inventory when you attempt to open the chest or guilt will attack you again.
The second half is found within the chest on the third floor in the area normally occupied by the bank. This time when you attempt to open the chest you will face Xenia's shame. Once again, defeat it to obtain the Shame filled key. Remember, the key must be in your inventory to properly open the chest and obtain the memory half.
These two memory halves then must be used on one another to create Xenia's memory
0 kg
Examine Information:
A fragment of Xenia's lost memory.

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