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Where Found:
Wolf bones is a members-only item obtained by killing a wolf or werewolf on a pay-to-play world. A wolf killed in a free-to-play world will not drop wolf bones.
Item Uses:
Wolf bones have various uses, including in skills (such as Prayer, Fletching, Crafting and Summoning) and in some quests.

Players can bury wolf bones to gain a total of 4.5 Prayer experience each. This is the same as burying regular bones. As with most other types of bones, the amount of experience gained can be increased in various ways (For example: using the bones on the altar in a POH).


Members can also use a chisel on wolf bones to produce wolfbone arrowtips, used in Fletching to tip ogre arrows. This produces 2 to 6 arrowtips, and grants 2.5 Fletching experience and 15 Crafting experience per pile of bones.

-Wolf Whistle and Summoning

Two sets of wolf bones are essential for the Wolf Whistle quest, which unlocks the Summoning skill. Players can find these by searching the dead body of Stikklebrix on White Wolf Mountain whilst doing the quest.

It is not necessary to kill any wolves or buy the bones (though it is also possible to use wolf bones that are obtained in these alternative ways). Despite this, wolf bone prices sky-rocketed after the release of Summoning, and nearby White Wolf Mountain was unusually full of players attempting to obtain wolf bones. Some players were offering up to 8,000 coins for them.

After completing Wolf Whistle, players use wolf bones in Summoning as the tertiary ingredient in infusing spirit wolf pouches, and as one of two tertiary ingredients used in infusing wolpertinger pouches (the other being raw rabbit). As a First Resort.
Examine Information:
Bones of a recently slain wolf.
Dropped By:
Adolescent White wolf Alexis Big Wolf Boris
Desert wolf Dire wolf Eduard Fenris wolf
Galina Georgy Imre Irina
Joseph Jungle wolf Ksenia Lev
Liliya Milla Nikita Nikolai
Sofiya Svetlana Vera Werewolf
Werewolf (level 89) White wolf White wolf (level 25) White wolf (level 5)
Wolf (level 16) Wolf (level 23) Wolf (level 42) Yadviga
Yuri Zoja

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