35 Farming to obtain and grow a sheep.
Where Found:
Result of checking a Winterwold ram (unchecked); Result of breeding sheep during winter or artificial winter at Player-Owned Farms.
Item Uses:
Can be grown from baby to elder at Player-Owned Farms; Sold to Ralph (sheep hugger) or Baby Shakes for beans; Used to breed more sheep at Player-Owned Farms.
Winterwold rams can be traded player to player, but can only be sold on the GE in their unchecked form.

Sheep are kept in the Medium pens or the Breeding pen at Player-Owned Farms. Sheep need to be fed while in pens. They eat most flowers, vegetables and fruits. See Flowery mush, Fruity mush, or Veggie mush for available options.

At the Adolescent, Adult, and Elder growth stages the sheep will provide 3 Winterwold wool. The following table shows the the time it takes to grow a sheep and the experience given: 
Baby to Adolescent Adolescent
to Adult
Adult to Elder Time to Breedable Total
Time XP Time XP Time XP Time XP Time XP
24 minutes 125 42 minutes 218.75 54 minutes 281.25 1 hour
6 minutes
343.75 2 hours 625

When sold to Ralph (sheep hugger) for beans the number of beans received is dependent upon the sheep's age. Baby Shakes will pay you 10% of the value that Ralph (sheep hugger) does:
Buyer Baby Adolescent Adult Elder
Baby Shakes 2 8 7 6
Ralph (sheep hugger) 16 80 68 56

Curing a sheep from disease provides the following experience:
Adolescent Adult Elder
6.25 10.9375 2.8125
This item cannot be disassembled.
0.001 kg
Examine Information:
A ram for your player owned farm.

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