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Where Found:
Obtained from Tam McGrubor in Burthorpe
Item Uses:
Used for training Runecrafting.
This is a members-only item. As a thank you for continued membership, members were told, upon logging in, that they can collect their Wicked hood in Varrock.

Once a day you can receive free runes (100 for elemental runes or 5 for all other runes); twice a day if an Elemental talisman is used on the hood.
Once a day you can receive un-noted Pure essence (100 daily with Omni-talisman or Omni-tiara).
Twice daily teleports to Runecrafting altars, including Lunar Isle.

All runecrafting talismans and tiaras can be used on the Wicked hood, which will take on the same functions. Using an Omni-talisman or Omni-tiara unlocks all the available rune types.
Note: Talismans/tiaras will disappear when used on the hood.

Should you lose your hood, you can get it back from Tam McGrubor, retaining any talismans/tiaras you have added to the hood. This item does not drop on death.

Can be used to teleport to the second floor of the Wizards' Tower, to begin runespan.

The Wicked hood can be bought from Wizard Finix for 175 runespan points.
For each additional piece of the wicked set that you obtain you will receive 25 more essence and one more set of runes each day from the hood. If you have the full set you will also have an extra teleport. This adds up to be 175 essence, 4 sets of rune withdrawal (5 if you fed the hood an elemental talisman), and 3 teleports to alters per day.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A menacing, magical hood which conjures runes and rune essence.

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