42 Archaeology to obtain and use.
Where Found:
Obtained by excavating various Hotspots and Caches (See Notes for details) or Screening Saltwater mud; Possible reward from an Ancient casket.
Item Uses:
Used to restore several Artefacts (See Notes for details).
The experience gained for successfully excavating white marble varies depending on where it is excavated. The table below lays out all the off-site caches where it can be gathered as well as all the digsite hotspots.
Hotspot/Cache Level Experience
White marble cache 42 30.3
Prodromoi remains 42 15.3
Ceramics studio debris 56 17.8
Oikos studio debris 72 27.7
Acropolis debris 92 60.2
Bibliotheke debris 109 121

White marble is used to restore the following artefacts:
Artefact Archaeology
'Frying pan' (damaged) 42 1,073.3 Third Age iron Third Age Iron x 20
White marble White Marble x 24
Folded-arm figurine (female) (damaged) 56 2,053.3 Goldrune Goldrune x 24
White marble White Marble x 30
Folded-arm figurine (male) (damaged) 56 2,053.3 Goldrune Goldrune x 24
White marble White Marble x 30
Decorative vase (damaged) 72 5,133.3 Cobalt blue Cobalt Blue x 30
White marble White Marble x 36
Rod of Asclepius (damaged) 92 11,666.6 Goldrune Goldrune x 26
Star of Saradomin Star of Saradomin x 24
White marble White Marble x 30
'The Eudoxian Elements' (damaged) 109 19,666.6 Goldrune Goldrune x 50
White marble White Marble x 60
Quantity Required Materials Received Base Junk Chance
1 1 Junk 53.8%
Invention Experience
Possible Materials
Simple parts Simple parts 100%
Classic components Classic components 4%
Historic components Historic components 16%
0.453 kg
Examine Information:
A resource natural to the region around Everlight.

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