59 Farming to grow and harvest (Exp: 59); 66 Herblore to use (Exp: 150).
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes Section); Monster drop; Bought from Poletax in Taverley and the Harmony pillar farmer and Lady Meilyr in Prifddinas; Respawns on Red Dragon Isle in the Wilderness and just north of the Tirannwn lodestone.
Item Uses:
Used to make Super defence potions; Used during Hand in the Sand to make Pink dye.
Made by growing a Whiteberry seed and harvesting from the fully grown bush.

Combine these with a Cadantine potion (unf) to make a Super defence potion (3).
0 kg
Examine Information:
Sour berries, used in potions.
Dropped By:
Boris Cave Crawler (level 53) Cave crawler (level 74) Cave Crawler (level 78)
Chaos druid warrior Cockatrice Corporeal Beast Eduard
Georgy Greater Reborn Warrior (level 128) Imre Iorwerth guard
Iorwerth scout Irina Joseph Kurask
Lev Liverworts Luminous snaggler Milla
Moss Golem Nikita Nikolai Salarin the Twisted
Sofiya Svetlana Vera Werewolf
Werewolf (level 89) Yadviga Yuri Zoja

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