No requirements, but to receive it as a drop from a Mutated Jadinko guard and the Mutated Jadinko male, a Slayer level of 86 and 91 is needed to kill.

To use the Whip vine on the Abyssal whip, a Slayer level of 80 and an Attack level of 75 is required.
Where Found:
Dropped by the mutated jadinko males and guards in the Jadinko Lair.
Item Uses:
The Whip vine is an item found by killing Mutated Jadinkos in the Jadinko Lair
When attached to the Abyssal whip, it creates the Abyssal Vine Whip, which provides a bonus to the stats of the weapon and also gives it a chance to inflict poison starting at 48 damage. The whip vine will add +4 to the Slash Attack Bonus and +2 to the Strength Bonus to the whip.

0 kg
Examine Information:
Use on an abyssal whip for added oomph!
Dropped By:

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