47 Farming to plant.
Where Found:
Pickpocketed from Master Farmers; Stolen from a Seed stall; Bought from Coeden in Prifddinas; Monster drop; Obtained from a Fruit bat special move.
Item Uses:
Can be planted in an allotment to grow watermelons.
Three watermelon seeds can be planted in an allotment to grow a patch of watermelons in 70 minutes.
Plant exp: 48.5; Harvest exp: 54.5
Planting nasturtiums or paying the farmer ten curry leaves will protect them.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A watermelon seed - plant in an allotment.
Dropped By:
'Rum'-pumped crab Ankou (elite) Ankou (level 60) Ankou (level 61)
Ankou (level 63) Aquanite Arrg Black knight
Black Knight (level 33) Catablepon Cave Crawler (level 53) Cave crawler (level 74)
Cave Crawler (level 78) Cave horror (elite) Chaos dwogre Chaos Elemental
Cockatrice Cockroach soldier Corporeal Beast Cyclops (level 68)
Dagannoth guardian Desert strykewyrm Dust devil Dust devil (elite)
Earth Warrior Enclave guard Farmer Fungal mage
Ganodermic beast General malpractitioner Grifolapine Grifolaroo
Guard (Varrock) Hobgoblin (level 28) Hobgoblin (level 46) Ice giant
Ice strykewyrm Ice troll runt Jelly Jogre
Jungle strykewyrm Lizard Mogre Moss giant (level 51)
Moss giant (Level 61) Mountain Troll Mountain Troll (level 75) Mutated jadinko baby
Mutated jadinko guard Mutated jadinko male Ogre (level 67) Ogre (level 80)
Ogre chieftain Rock lobster Rockslug Skeleton fremennik (34)
Skeleton fremennik (40) Terror dog (level 61) Terror dog (level 65) Thrower Troll
Tortoise Tortured soul Troll Spectator Vampyre (level 88)
White Knight (level 35)

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