33 Crafting to make (Exp: 35).
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes Section); Bought from Jatix and Poletax in Taverley, Frincos on Entrana, Zahur in Nardah, Grud in Gu'Tanoth, Obli in Shilo Village, Gunslik in Keldagrim, Melana Moonlander on Lunar Isle, Sigmund the Merchant in Rellekka, Merchant in the Polypore Dungeon, the Harmony pillar farmer and Lady Meilyr in Prifddinas, and Jossik in the Lighthouse; Monster drop; Obtained by opening a Vial pack; Monster drop; Respawns in the Herblore Shop on Entrana.
Item Uses:
Used to make potions in Herblore.
Made by using a Glassblowing pipe with Molten glass or drinking all doses of a potion. It can be filled with various liquids for different uses.
0 kg
Examine Information:
An empty glass vial.
Dropped By:
Alexis Boris Borrokar Cave bug (level 12)
Cave Crawler (level 53) Cave crawler (level 74) Chaos druid Eduard
Freidir Freygerd Galina Georgy
Giant spider (level 2) Giant spider (level 33) Giant spider (level 4) Goblin (level 5)
Imre Irina Jennella Joseph
Ksenia Lanzig Lev Liliya
Milla Nikita Nikolai Sofiya
Svetlana Vera Werewolf Yadviga
Yuri Zoja

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