No Requirements.
Where Found:
Found while skilling or killing monsters, it was also a reward from the discontinued Squeal of Fortune.
Item Uses:
Used as currency to buy various items in a special valentines shop.
These are found while you are doing any skilling or have a random chance to be dropped from monsters. They also appeared on the Squeal of Fortune in random quantities, ranging from 50-100 per win. When won you have the option to exchange them for coins at the cost of 30 coins per one heart. These can only be found up until February 25th 2013, and will be tradeable until March 13th 2013.

When you use the Send option you will get a shop appear on the screen containing 7 possible options. These are 2 emotes (Love at First Sight and Jealous Rage), 2 weapons (Cupid bow and Rosethorn wand & Broken heart), 2 pendants (Lovestruck pendant and Heartbreak pendant), and the last option is Chocolate (random). The emotes and chocolates are available for members and free players, the weapons and pendants are members only.

The Chocolate (random) option will give you one of the following 6 chocolates; Chili chocolate, Coconut cream, Dwarven delight, Noisette triangle key, Rose essence truffle, and Vanilla fudge log. Each chocolate boots a certain skill by 2 levels.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Collect these to claim various gifts of loving and loathing.

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