Retain After Quest?
Partially completed Hero's Welcome.
Where Found:
Found by searching V's belongings inside the cave.
Item Uses:
This item can be searched to find map fragments.
If lost or destroyed, a new copy can be obtained from searching V's belongings or from the bookcase in your Player-Owned House made through Construction.

Below is the text you can read from within the book.
...which taught them all the value of self-reliance.

I then returned to Rellekka where I thought to spend some time relaxing amongst my kinfolk. But no sooner had I arrived than I found myself under attack by a monster that looked like a dire fusion of a man and dragon. I was able to evade it for a time, and even tracked it back to its lair. As the monster seemed to be able to sense my presence I asked Yorvik the Scout to investigate.

He tracked the monster past the outer defences of its fortress and saw it meeting with others. They were of such power that he found himself to get closer simply because he was an insect to them. He wrote (as best he could) the sounds they made, for they used a barbarous and guttural language. I will have to take some time to unravel it later.

What he could gather was that the monster that followed me was one of many. He heard what could be my name, hissed with dire malice, amongst the babble of the creatures. He also claimed he heard the name Guthix' at least twice. What could these monsters want with the pair of us?

The meeting broke down in violence so staggering that Yorvik barely made it out with his life. I have vowed to do my best to rid the world of these lizard-men, as creatures this powerful can only become a threat later. Yorvik, on recovering from his encounter, drew me a map of the monster's lair. Following this vow, however, I found myself once more called on to fight. Saradominist forces were moving along the coastline, sending before them preachers and silver-tongued evangelists to convert the locals. Those who opposed the move found themselves facing armed fanatics ready to crush the unbelievers. Readying a disguise as a simple farmer, I infiltrated one such village so I could...
0.75 kg
Examine Information:
An old journal belonging to V.

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