The Unpowered orb can be made by using a Glassblowing pipe with Molten glass. Requires level 46 Crafting to make and grants 52.5 Crafting experience.
Where Found:
Player made.
Item Uses:
Used to make enchanted orbs by casting "Enchant Air, Earth, Fire or Water orb" on the corresponding Obelisk, then crafted onto a Battlestaff to make Air battlestaff, Earth battlestaff, Fire battlestaff, and Water battlestaff.
An Unpowered orb can be used to make different types of staves.
Examine Information:
I'd prefer it if it was powered.
Dropped By:
Sotapanna (1 Noted) Sakadagami (1 Noted) Anagami (1 Noted) Arhat (1 Noted)
Murderous bakami (4-8 Noted) Murderous orokami (6 Noted)

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