Access to Prifddinas to obtain and use.
Where Found:
Taken from the Motherlode Maw inside the Edimmu Resource Dungeon (requires 115 Dungeoneering and at least level 95 in all skills); Obtained from Wythien in exchange for 10 Crystal motherlode shards; Purchased from the Travelling Merchant.
Item Uses:
Given to Wythien in exchange for a focused reward enhancer with half the normal charges.
To focus this enhancer you'll need to exchange it with Wythien in the Meilyr District for a reward enhancer of your choice. Note that the enhancer you choose will only have half of the normal charges. Enhancers, and their charges, are as follows:
Enhancer Total Charges Reduced Charges
Artisans' workshop respect 200 100
Barbarian assault point 15 8
Black knight kill 30 15
Castle wars token 20 10
Champion scroll 250 125
Chimp ice 50 25
Chompy bird 100 50
Dark beast assignment 2 1
Fish flingers medal 20 10
Livid farm point 500 250
Morvran's challenge 2 1
Player-owned ports 5 3
The chance of obtaining one of these from both the Motherlode Maw and Wythien is random and you may receive various other rewards instead.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Wythien, the Motherlode man, will exchange the unfocused reward enhancer for a reward enhancer of your choice.

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