Participation in the Invasion of Port Sarim Event.
Where Found:
Obtained by doing various jobs around Port Sarim to help defend it from the Skulls.
Item Uses:
Can be converted into Supply caches.
You can obtain up to 2,000 tokens per day during the event; Guard Captain Roarkwin (or Seasinger Jemi) will give you 200 as an introduction to the event (note: these to not count to your 2,000 for the day). You can do various activities to obtain experience and more tokens.

These activities include:
Smithing cannonballs (Smithing or Herblore experience)
Repairing prison walls (Crafting or Construction experience)
Firing cannons at Jed (Firemaking or Ranged experience)
Defeating Skulls pirates (Combat experience).

To choose which experience you want to receive you must configure your tokens for it; to do this, right-click the token(s) and choose "Configure".
0 kg
Examine Information:
A token of gratitude for your participation in the Invasion of Port Sarim.
Dropped By:

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