1 Mining to mine (Exp: 10.56); 1 Smithing to smelt (Exp: 1.0).
Where Found:
Obtained by Mining Tin rocks; Purchased from Hring Hring in Jatizso and Ordan in Keldagrim.
Item Uses:
Used with Copper Ore to make a Bronze bar.
With a Divination level of at least 17, 3 Copper ore or Tin ore may be transmuted into 1 Iron ore. This costs 2 flickering energy and yields 3.7 Divination experience.

Can be mined in the following locations:

Rock Info:
2 kg
Examine Information:
Used in Smithing (1).
Dropped By:
Barbarian Barbarian (level 10) Barbarian (woman) Barbarian (woman) (level 28)
Black guard Black guard (level 60) Black guard berserker Black Knight (level 33)
Borrokar Corpse archer Corpse mage Corpse spider
Crawling corpse torso Dragith nurn Dung kalphite Dwarf (level 14)
Dwarf (level 44) Dwarf (level 9) Elite Lumbridge Guard (level 3) Freidir
Freygerd Giant Lobster Goblin (level 2) Goblin (level 5)
Jennella Lanzig Lensa Lizard
Market Guard (Rellekka) Minotaur Minotaur (level 52) Rock crab
Rock Golem Rockslug Skeleton (Lumbridge Catacombs) Skoblin
Tribesman (level 60) Tribesman (level 63) Warped bat Warped cockroach
Warped fly Warped rat Warrior (Rellekka) Zombie (level 29)

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