No Requirements.
Where Found:
Respawns in the Jolly Boar Inn northeast of Varrock. Bought from Dommik in Al Kharid; Possible monster drop.
Item Uses:
Used together with a needle to craft armor out of leather.
This item is associated with the Crafting Skill. One thread works for 4 soft leathers or 5 hardleathers.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Used with a needle to make clothes.
Dropped By:
Corpse archer Corpse mage Corpse spider Crawling corpse torso
Dragith nurn H.A.M. Guard (level 20) H.A.M. Guard (level 30) H.A.M. Guard (level 32)
Nechryael Skeleton (Lumbridge Catacombs) Skoblin Tyras guard
Warped bat Warped cockroach Warped fly

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