No requirements.
Where Found:
Obtained from killing the Queen Black Dragon and claiming the reward from the chest.
Item Uses:
If lost or destroyed, a new copy can be obtained from the bookcase in your Player-Owned House made through Construction.

Below is the text you can read from within the book.
Others have started to take note of the project in their moments of sanity. Good. One even tried to copy me, and created his own creature - it is considerably smaller, weaker, and less intelligent than mine, but it has three heads. Despite its weakness, this creature may be useful for breeding with mine. I must know what potential their progeny has. I can feel my defences of my mind against Her curse beginning to tire. I feel Her compulsions...the rage is coming. I must get rid of Her curse. The dragonkin are not slaves.
0 kg
Examine Information:
A journal written by a dragonkin. It is entitled "Breeding".
Dropped By:

This Data was submitted by: McSwindler and ChathMurrpau.

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