Retain After Quest?
Partial completion of Fate of the Gods to obtain and use.
Where Found:
Found in the Elder Halls area of Freneskae (accessed via the World Gate).
Item Uses:
Used to make faint Mah wisps harvestable during Fate of the Gods; Used to spawn four Elder Chronicles; Used to measure Cosmic energy during Desperate Measures.
After completion of Fate of the Gods, this item can be placed in 4 locations to spawn Elder Chronicles (award 50,000 Divination experience each). Collecting all of the Elder Chronicles will complete the "Measure of Old" Master Quest Cape">Master Quest Cape Achievement.
God Location Map
Bik On the South East coast of Entrana, by the Seaweed spawns. Coming Soon
Ful At the entrance to the TzHaar City on Karamja volcano. Coming Soon
Jas At the archaeologist's camp on the plateau South East of the Agility Pyramid. Coming Soon
Wen Near the Oracle on Ice Mountain. Coming Soon

While this item is used during Desperate Measures, Charos will provide you with one if you did not bring it.
This item cannot be disassembled.
1 kg
Examine Information:
In your inventory: An elder artifact that measures levels of anima.
Placed: It's sending out pulses of energy.

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