60 Archaeology to make (Exp: 2,065).
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Powered at the monolith to create a Tetracompass (powered).
A tetracompass (unpowered) is made an an Archaeology workbench after all 4 parts have been obtained: Left, Right, Dial, and Needle. Despite it having a requirement of only 60 Archaeology to make, it requires Malachite green to make it, at level 76 material, causing its restoration requirement to be level 76 Archaeology for ironmen. The following table displays all the details regarding the restoration of this item.
Artefact Parts Restoration Materials Completed Artefact
Level: 60 - Restoration: 2,065 Experience
Tetracompass piece (left) Tetracompass Left Piece
Tetracompass piece (right) Tetracompass Right Piece
Tetracompass piece (dial) Tetracompass Dial
Tetracompass piece (needle) Tetracompass Needle
Armadylean yellow Armadylean Yellow x 30
Cadmium red Cadmium Red x 30
Cobalt blue Cobalt Blue x 30
Malachite green Malachite Green x 30
Tyrian purple Tyrian Purple x 30
Tetracompass (unpowered) Tetracompass (unpowered)
Tetracompass (powered) Tetracompass (unpowered)

Once created, an unpowered tetracompass is then powered up by standing by the monolith at the Archaeology campus and selecting its "power" option. Doing so will turn it into a Tetracompass (powered).
Learn more about tetracompass pieces here.
This item cannot be disassembled.
0 kg
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