No Requirements.
Where Found:
Respawns near Taverley dungeon and in Tree Gnome Stronghold; Monster drop. They can also be bought from Mieliki Tapio.If you plant 4 reed seeds in a hops patch, when harvested, it will give toad egg sacs (around 5 per field). Those will yield 15 swamp toads each.
Item Uses:
The Toad's legs can be used to make gnome cuisine. They are also used in agility potions (when mixed with toadflax) as a secondary ingredient.
The Swamp toad is a small creature with removable legs. If you choose to remove them, toad's legs appear in your inventory in place of the swamp toad. The text "You pull the legs off the toad. Poor toad. At least they'll grow back." appears in the chat box. This is interesting as toads are amphibians and it is reptiles who are able to regrow lost limbs.
Examine Information:
A slippery little blighter.
Dropped By:

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