Completed Plague's End and 99 Herblore to make(Exp: 700).
Where Found:
Player made (See Notes).
Item Uses:
Consumed to boost all combat stats, restore prayer points over time, cure poison, and protect you from poison, dragonfire, and wyvern fire.
Supreme overload salve(6) is made by combining a supreme overload potion(6), prayer renewal(4), prayer potion(4), super antifire(4), antifire(4) and super antipoison(4) into a crystal flask. You can also combine lower doses to make larger ones.

The ability to make one is unlocked by acquiring the recipe while Dungeoneering. Once you've found it, bring it to Lady Meilyr and pay 1,000,000 gold coins.
0 kg
Examine Information:
Greatly boosts all combat stats, restores prayer points over time, cures poison, and protects from poison, dragonfire and wyvern fire. 6 doses.

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