No Requirements.
Where Found:
Player Made (See Notes); Obtained from digging for composts with your legendary pet (Fertiliser ability).
Item Uses:
Used on farming patches to have a 86% chance that the plot will not become diseased; Used on allotment and herb patches to receive 2 more harvests than normal, more are possible depending on your level and if any boosts used (Greenfingers aura, Juju farming potion, Magic secateurs, Master farmer outfit, etc).
This item is made by adding 15 appropriate items (listed below) to a Compost bin and shutting the lid. Once it is closed, you will need to wait 1 hour and 30 minutes for the items to decompose into Supercompost. Once the compost is ready, you can collect 15 from the bin with empty Buckets in your inventory.

Alternatively, you can create a bin of normal Compost and add a dose of Compost potion to it before emptying the bin. Note that the potion can be added to individual buckets of Compost, however, it is more efficient to add to an entire bin.

Compost bins are found at the following Farming locations:

The following items can be used to make Supercompost:
Bittercap mushroom Calquat fruit Clean avantoe Clean bloodweed
Clean cadantine Clean dwarf weed Clean fellstalk Clean guam
Clean harralander Clean irit Clean kwuarm Clean lantadyme
Clean marrentill Clean ranarr Clean snapdragon Clean spirit weed
Clean tarromin Clean toadflax Clean torstol Clean wergali
Coconut shell Grapes of Guthix Grapes of Saradomin Grapes of Zamorak
Green manure Grimy avantoe Grimy bloodweed Grimy cadantine
Grimy dwarf weed Grimy fellstalk Grimy guam Grimy harralander
Grimy irit Grimy kwuarm Grimy lantadyme Grimy marrentill
Grimy ranarr Grimy snapdragon Grimy spirit weed Grimy tarromin
Grimy toadflax Grimy torstol Grimy wergali Jangerberries
Magic roots Maple roots Morchella mushroom Oak roots
Papaya fruit Peach Pineapple Poison ivy berries
Pungent vine Watermelon White berries White tree fruit
Willow roots Yew roots

Note that you MUST use 15 of these items, in any combination. Using items not on this list will cause you to make normal Compost instead.

6 buckets of Supercompost are obtained using the Fertiliser ability on your legendary pet.
3 kg
Examine Information:
Super-good for the smallest or largest of plants.
Dropped By:

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