91 in one of the required skills to use.
Where Found:
Monster drop; Possible Treasure Trails reward (Hard and Elite Clue scrolls); Possible reward for using the Crystal triskelion; Taken from the Motherlode Maw in the level 115 Dungeoneering Resource Dungeon in Prifddinas (also requires level 95 in all skills).
Item Uses:
Fed knowledge of your skills in return for an experience reward.
Feeding this effigy knowledge from one of two skills will grant 15,000 in the chosen skill and transform it into a Nourished ancient effigy. Boosts can be used if you don't have the required levels, as can the Assist System.

Alternatively, you can take the effigy to Historian Minas in Varrock Museum and he will exchange it for a lamp which gives 5,000 experience in a chosen skill over level 50.
1 kg
Examine Information:
It sounds like something is contained within this relic.
Dropped By:
'Rum'-pumped crabAberrant spectreAberrant spectre (level 78)Abyssal demonAbyssal walkerAirutAnkou (elite)Ankou (level 60)Ankou (level 61)Ankou (level 63)Armoured zombieAutomaton GeneratorAutomaton GuardianAutomaton TracerBansheeBasiliskBatBeastmaster DurzagBlack demonBlack dragonBlack knightBloodveld (level 61)Bloodveld (level 68)Bloodveld (level 92)Blue dragonBorkBrine ratBronze dragonCadarn magusCadarn rangerCatablepon (level 54)Cave bug (level 12)Cave Crawler (level 53)Cave crawler (level 74)Cave Crawler (level 78)Cave horrorCave horror (elite)Celestial dragonChaos dwarf hand cannoneerCockatriceCockroach soldierCorporeal BeastCorrupted dust devilCorrupted kalphite guardianCorrupted kalphite marauderCorrupted lizardCorrupted scarabCorrupted scorpionCorrupted workerCrocodile akhDagannoth (level 112)Dagannoth (level 77)Dagannoth (level 78)Dagannoth sentinelDark beastDeadly red spiderDesert strykewyrmDevil's snareDust devilDust devil (elite)Earth WarriorElf warrior (level 84)Elf warrior (level 89)Exiled kalphite guardianExiled kalphite marauderExiled Kalphite QueenFeline akhFenris wolfFire giantFlesh Crawler (level 39)Flesh Crawler (level 40)Frost dragonFungal mageGanodermic beastGanodermic runtGargoyleGeneral GraardorGeneral malpractitionerGhoulGiant batGiant crypt ratGiant moleGiant Rock CrabGiant spider (level 2)GlacorGladiusGorilla akhGreater demonGreater demon (elite)Green DragonGrotwormHarpie Bug SwarmHellhoundHill GiantIce strykewyrmIce warriorIcefiendImperial mage akhImperial ranger akhImperial warrior akhInfernal MageInfested axeIorwerth guardIorwerth scoutIron dragonJellyJogreJungle horrorJungle strykewyrmK'ril TsutsarothKal'gerion demonKalphite GuardianKalphite KingKalphite SoldierKalphite WorkerKhazard trooperKillerwattKing Black DragonKree'arraKuraskLampenfloraLava strykewyrmLesser DemonLiverwortsLiving rock protectorLiving rock strikerLuminous snagglerMature grotwormMighty bansheeMithril dragonMonk of Zamorak (level 54)Moss giant (level 51)Moss giant (Level 61)Moss GolemMourner (level 85)MummyMutated bloodveld (level 91)Mutated bloodveld (level 95)Mutated jadinko guardNechryaelNexOgress championPyrefiendPyrefiend (level 67)Queen Black DragonRed dragonRock crabRorariusSalawa akhScarab akhShadow WarriorSkeletal WyvernSoulgazerSoulgazer (Elite)Steel DragonSuqah (level 73)Suqah (level 74)Suqah (level 79)Terror dog (level 61)Terror dog (level 65)The MagisterTormented demonTormented wraithTuroth (level 64)Turoth (level 66)Turoth (level 68)Turoth (level 69)Turoth (level 71)TzHaar-HurTzHaar-KetTzHaar-XilUnspeakable horrorUnspeakable horror (elite)Veil-ripper OzharakhaVenomous dinosaurVyrewatch (level 86)Vyrewatch (level 91)Warped tortoiseWaterfiendWaterfiend (Ghorrock)WerewolfWerewolf (level 89)WildyWyrmYakamaru

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