Temple of Ikov quest.
Where Found:
Found in the small room in the Temple of Ikov.
Item Uses:
No information at this time.
If you side with Lucien in the quest, you must steal this staff from a temple and bring it to him. It is the staff of the god of purity, Armadyl, and was also used by Zamorak to defeat Zaros. During the battle between Zaros and Zamorak, Zaros was stabbed with the staff, but he kept on fighting as if it weren't there; eventually, the staff went through both Zaros and Zamorak at the same time, causing enough power to enter Zamorak to allow him godhood.

If you opposed Lucien in the Temple of Ikov quest, the staff remains in the Guardians of Armadyl chamber in the Temple of Ikov dungeon. On 28 October 2008, players who opposed Lucien received the Armadyl communiqué warning that the staff is in danger again.
Examine Information:
The power in this staff causes it to vibrate gently.

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